Koninklijke Visio In CORPUS

Leven, Leren, Wonen En Werken Met Een Visuele Beperking

2008, Koninklijke Visio,
The Netherlands

Koninklijke Visio In CORPUS


The national charity Koninklijke Visio supports people with a visual handicap to live and work independently with equipment, training and research. On the occasion of its 200th anniversary, the charity is presenting itself in CORPUS, a new attraction in which the visitor travels through a giant model of a body. The attraction also consists of a number of educational elements. The Visio part consists of 15 stimulating games which allow the visitor to experience how a visual handicap can affect his or her daily life. The games table reveals which other senses can compensate for the loss of sight and the solutions which Visio can offer.


Design, Production, Installation and Gamedesign